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Traction Elevator Specs

We offer a complete line of heavy-duty overhead traction machines from Hollister Whitney, featuring speeds of up to 500 feet per minute. With machines and bearings designed and tested to meet all requirements in terms of operational efficiency and safety, we can ensure a simple, secure, and cost-effective installation process as well as a smooth and comfortable user experience.

Hydro Elevator Specs

Today we offer the most comprehensive line of Canton hydraulic elevator systems. Our Paragon™ roped hydraulic equipment provides the simplest on-site assembly you’ll find on the market today. Choose Tradesman™ for the widest range of options in conventional packaged elevator systems. If a heavy freight or custom elevator application is needed we’ve got that covered too.

MRL Elevator Specs #1

The Hollister-Whitney line of industry-proven traction MRL elevator equipment uses traditional 2:1 sling and platform designs with our own PMAC gearless machines. This solution provides the most reliable, highest quality MRL applications available.

MRL Elevator Specs #2

The group one 'Machine Room Less' from Delaware Elevator is an engineered package design that utilizes an efficient gearless permanent magnet machine. This machine, with all the related traction components, is installed inside the hoistway, eliminating the need for a machine room.

Cab Design

Diversified Elevator offers a standard line of cabs available with several different designs and finishes. Custom designs made to order from your plans and specifications are also available.